Springtime 2016 Update: Pictures

I have taken some time from blogging- obviously, my last post was in October! Honestly, I have needed the last few months to get my life back together! After having Anders, who was colicky and then all of my health issues through the end of last year, I have been focusing on my kids, working and keeping the new house clean. It’s a job I tell ya! And adding another kid just sucks up every spare minute and, along with that, any energy I may have had left. Sigh…

Graham started going to a new 3K school closer to our house and that has been nice for all of us! He loves it and has Library day and Music class once a week and he has informed me that library time is his favorite. Can’t say I was surprised. He has always enjoyed reading! We have eliminated some foods from his diet to help him be a little more calm and focused. It has definitely helped but he is still a 3 year old boy and nothing is going to change that! This boy stuff is not for the faint of heart but I love them and wouldn’t trade them. …most of the time…HA!

April 2016

April 2016

Anders is 9 months old and over 20 lbs- wearing 18 month old clothes. You and I both wonder how that happened and my only reasoning is, the Mailman? No, no, no… He is the sweetest hunk and so so happy (unlike our mailman). He’s even happier when you are giving him your undivided attention and now that he can basically crawl/scoot everywhere, he can attempt to remedy that situation really quickly. πŸ˜‰ We are learning “no” which has been fun. A lot less fun for him and his tactic to get out of that is to flash his big ‘ole smile and it literally works every time. I’m a softy in my old age I guess, sorry Graham. Anders hates water…including bath time. It’s a 2 man job these days! Ask Dave. Anders grabbed Dave’s face so hard trying to escape bath time that he drew blood. Sigh. Fountains are a no-go as well so pool time this summer is looking like it’s gonna be a real blast!! Can’t wait. Actually, I think it will be less fun for him but I know he will come around. But not without the occasional meltdown or panic attack. I am talking about Anders here, not me! πŸ˜‰


Dave has been working, a lot. But that’s not really an update. His day job is busiest the first 5 months of the year and the last 3 and the middle 2. So basically year round! πŸ˜‰ Our weekends have been non-stop between my weddings that I do hair and make-up for and his tax business on the side and rental properties. It’s just life right now, I suppose!




We did have a stay-cation over the Easter weekend. We had planned to go to Orlando, but the weather was not going to be good at all so we decided to skip a repeat of our awful trip last year and stay here. We got landscaping done, ate delicious food and didn’t work a lick! It was awesome and now maybe we can stop getting fan mail from our dear HOA. People, I think I went to Bob Jones for one reason…it prepared me to receive “demerits” in my mailbox every week. Unfortunately, the level of outrage is still the same. I ask myself, “How do people have time to nitpick my house?!”

*The trashcan is visible to the road
*There are weeds in your yard
*There are weeds in your landscaping
*You didn’t get that “major landscaping change” approved- please submit your request immediately.

Lucky us, our neighborhood just hired an HOA management company to drive around once a week to keep us adults in check. Because, ya know, I can’t handle it myself. Sigh. Other than this issue, we love our *new* house! Love love love.

I’m used to (I think) being a one woman show around here and pretty proud of myself that the kids are alive, the house doesn’t look like an episode of hoarders and I am not medicated…yet. And I work. With all of this, I have been scaling some things back that I would love to do in order to keep my sanity and not get burnt out. Because when you have kids you can’t afford to get burn out! I AM excited to be going to Charleston for my birthday NEXT weekend with my long time friend! Sans kids!! BOOM! Pray for Dave. πŸ™‚ Happy Birthday to ME!



IMG_9346 (1)

IMG_9353 (1)






We had our annual Spring pictures done yesterday. Our photographer is always fantastic! She is great with the boys- Anders reached out for her yesterday without prompting and he’s never too eager to hang with a stranger. It was adorable as were our pictures!! It was a little chilly and very windy so we were ready to snap some shots and be done. If you know me, I am figuring out which one (or 3) will make it onto a canvas. πŸ™‚ Β My Grandmother said the same thing, “Now, how do you expect me to pick a favorite??” Β I just love her.



I encourage everyone to get pictures taken as a family! If anything, it’s a chance to get dressed up and torture your favorite people for an hour. Dave has come to “enjoy” getting them done. He’s always a good sport but he likes having pictures to look back on because time goes fast and I love being able to capture every stage. In our next pictures, Anders will be walking! Sorry, Chelsea…you are gonna have to work really hard then! Ha!

Here are a couple of fun candid shots! Hope you all are enjoying 2016<—-how did that happen?!


I thought, "Oh there are fountains! That would be a nice backdrop! *Anders hates water so he wasn't having it Maybe next time. :)

I thought, “Oh there are fountains! That would be a nice backdrop! *Anders hates water so he wasn’t having it and needed some cuddles.
Maybe next time. πŸ™‚

Graham: Daddy stop! *Dave is tickling his leg Me: What is going on over there guys!? Anders: There's a fountain over there. You guys aren't fooling me!

Graham: “Daddy stop!”
*Dave is tickling his leg
Me: What is going on over there guys!?
Anders: There’s a fountain over there. You guys aren’t fooling me!

Anders gave me my hair and I guess I gave him his. We are a mess!! Lol!

Anders gave me my hair and I guess I gave him his. We are a mess!! Lol!



Sorry about your face Dave. Anders hair was blowing in the wind I guess. Any ideas for editing his hair out of Daves chin? I got the hiccups from laughing so hard at this picture last night. Haha!

Sorry about your face, Dave. Anders’ hair was blowing in the wind I guess? Any ideas for editing his hair out of Dave’s chin? I got the hiccups from laughing so hard at this picture last night. Haha!

xoxo, Andrea

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