Monthly Meal-Planning: In Review



One of the best decisions I have made as a housewife is meal-planning! MONTHLY meal-planning. *ask Dave 😉

I used to go to the grocery store once a week(maybe) and have no plan and hardly a list. I would know roughly what I was buying and that would maybe last me three meals and usually, I would come home missing one or two key items. So it was pizza for dinner! Nothing is more frustrating as the designated cook than spending your energy at the store to only be left with random ingredients and no tasty dinners.

In my last blog post about monthly meal-planning, I told you how I did it.

  • Print off four of the the *free* weekly meal-planning sheets found HERE.  I do love this particular printable because it has a shopping list section on the right hand side. It just keeps everything organized and in one place for me.
  • Go to Pinterest or whatever your recipe source is and PRINT off all of your favorite recipes or ones you know you want to try.
  • Make a list of the few meals that will be on rotation (i.e. spaghetti, breakfast for dinner, and pizza)
  • Sit down and write in the recipes for 6 days a week (one day for eating out or leftovers) for the 4 weeks. 24 recipes in total.

How did I like it?




Seriously. It is so worth the 30 minutes to an hour it takes to come up with the plan including printing off the recipes.

One Saturday, we were heading out to lunch in a hurry but I knew it would be helpful to tackle the store with Dave there, so I grabbed my planner, pulled out my weekly plan which also had the recipes with it, made my list from that(in the car!) and BOOM. Done.

Is it sad how happy this makes me? Maybe…but I am loving having to put very little thought into my grocery-store trips and dinner.

BONUS: It helps me buy exactly what I need, nothing more and nothing less, and my grocery bill stays reasonable because I am not coming up with dinners on a whim.

Cooking dinner is not stressful anymore – except for the crying baby at dinner time every night, but meh. You can’t win them all. 😉

I am taking dinner suggestions for next month’s plan that I am putting together this week. Comment with your favorite *easy* dish so I can spruce up my menu!



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