6 Mother’s Day Gift Ideas


Men, this post is for you! I know this is one the most dreaded days of the year for you.

If you even knew it was Mother’s Day before the Sunday it actually happened.

I too, struggle with gift ideas for people, my hubby included.  I feel like guys are hard to buy for, but I am sure men feel the same way about us. We (woman) really aren’t all that complicated. Surprise us. Don’t buy us pots and pans, unless your wife specifically asked for that, but in that case, the bouquet of flowers would still be a nice touch!

Here are 6 ideas of gifts for the mother of your children that I know will make her day!

1. Canvas photos- 

Every woman loves pictures! And most of the time, we have beautiful family photos waiting to be printed or hung. I prefer to get my nicer pictures printed on a canvas which can get a little pricey. So I usually only buy them one at a time. To save a little money, buy a voucher from Groupon or Living Social for one of these canvas sites. My favorite website is Easy Canvas Prints. They are so easy to use and will even tell you if your photo choice is a good enough quality so you are never disappointed when it arrives. She will love seeing her sweet little cherubs and favorite husband show up on a canvas ready to be hung! Oh, and maybe go the extra mile and hang it that day. 😉

Photo: ABP Photography

Photo: ABP Photography

2. Plan the Day

Don’t be scared that she won’t like your breakfast in bed of toast or cereal. The fact that you and the kids brought her breakfast in bed will be shocking enough. Unless you are one of those guys who does this every Saturday in which case, this post is NOT for you. If breakfast in bed just won’t due, take her to brunch! A lot of restaurants have a special brunch buffet especially for Mother’s Day!

YOU make all the decisions for the day. Change all the diapers and the kids’ clothes. Pick the movie for movie night. Better yet, you call the babysitter and have her come over to watch the kids for a real movie night out! A day off from making decisions is one of the best gifts you can give her.



3. Check Her Pinterest Board- 

It has never been easier to know what you wife wants. Ever. She has 130,000 options, literally, that would make her dreams come true. I have a “Presents for Me” board and I am sure she has something similar. Most guys don’t have a Pinterest account but you don’t need one to find other people’s Pinterest boards. So type in her name (usually how her name shows up on Facebook) and you will see all her favorite things pop up. And the good news is, a lot of these gift ideas can be found right online if you click on the link of the picture. Now YOUR dreams are coming true! 😉

Tip: Do not be afraid to buy outside the box. Not sure her exact clothing size? Don’t let it discourage you. Buy it anyways! She can return it for a different size if she needs. I promise, she won’t mind.


4. Flowers-

While it seems like a no-brainer, not every woman loves fresh flowers. Personally I find fresh flowers to be one of the happiest things in life. But if fresh flowers aren’t her thing, or you want to mix it up, maybe a nice potted plant that lives indoors would be perfect. Orchids are a great choice in this case! They don’t require frequent watering either. Stores like Whole Foods or Costco have beautiful flowers! You cannot go wrong walking out with ANY flowers from there!

5. Children’s Birthstone Jewelry-

Does she like rings? Necklaces? Bracelets? There is something for everyone! And you can’t go wrong with going to Etsy.com. These are all handmade goods that are usually totally customize-able. Just message the seller and ask if he/she can make you something specific to your family. You can buy birthstone jewelry with the kid’s birthstones, or get bracelets made with the kids names or initials engraved. They have gold, silver and leather goods as well! Just make sure to order fairly early because a lot of the busier shops have a cut-off for shipping in time for Mother’s Day.


6. Products for Pampering-

Moms do not have a ton of time to just sit back and relax. And when we do, usually we don’t have all the fluffy, smelly stuff to make our bath or pedicure relaxing. You could buy a gift card to the spa for a day out for her! But unless you have set aside a time specifically for her to go and the babysitter already booked, she probably still won’t make the time to use it. Solution? Walk into Target. Pick up anything off the shelf in the beauty aisle. I am actually not kidding. It is that easy. A bottle of nail polish and a pedicure kit are all right there. Yes, they sell pedicure KITS. You don’t have to hand pick every lotion, exfoliator, pumice stone, and cuticle oil yourself. I know I lost you guys after “lotion”.  Ha! But really. Target has your back on this one!


–I hope these ideas helped!! Now get shopping and good luck!!



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