Easter Bunny DIY- Mantel Garland



A lot of you know that I LOVE a good craft/DIY project. Anything from sewing, to jewelry, to cutting and pasting. It is probably my first love after my family. Well, and hair…but DIY is definitely a close second. AND, my all time favorite season is SPRING. Praise Jesus, hallelujah, I think Spring has sprung. This girl couldn’t be happier!!

The boys are pretty happy about the time we get to spend outside instead of being cooped up all day. Except for the allergies which are kicking Graham’s butt this week. Poor little guy.

Anyways, I went searching on Pinterest (of course) for some Spring decor ideas, preferably for our fireplace since that is the only place in the living room to really decorate. I saw a random picture of this bunny garland and thought I had Pinned it, but alas, I didn’t. So, I can’t give that girl credit since I haven’t been able to find that Pin again. Sigh. But just know, if I could find it, she would get full recognition for this ADORABLE idea.

If you having family and friends over for Easter and need to spruce up your dining room, this would be a festive addition as well! So grab the kids and the scissors and have some fun!

IMG_1674 (2)



  • An old book with the pages a little worn
  • Scrapbook paper in any color(s) you like
  • Scissors
  • Elmers glue
  • String/Ribbon or in this case, white linen rope
  • Pencil and paper
  • Hot glue gun

I free handed this bunny template to fit the page size for the book I bought. You can also find templates online!

Bunny template

I found this old book at the Salvation Army for 25 cents. 🙂


I got these Spring colored scrapbook pages at Hobby Lobby! LOVE!


 I cut out the bunnies onto the scrapbook paper and glued them to the old book pages!


I then hot glued the pages onto the linen rope (also found at Hobby Lobby in the ribbon section).


AND you’re done!! Happy crafting friends and HAPPY EASTER!

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