Top 10 Baby Items To Have


As I am coming up on bringing home my second child in a few months, I thought it would be helpful for all you moms-to-be to write a post telling you what helped us most with our first! Can’t believe how little he used to be…sigh.

Photo: J Catherine Photography

Photo: J Catherine Photography

Registering for a baby was…overwhelming. I didn’t want to have 200 items on the registry and not get the items we REALLY needed, but it was hard to narrow it down to a few when I had never done this before!

We all have different tastes and priorities that go into what will make it onto our lists, but I wanted to make a list of balanced and affordable items I could never have lived without. Not a lot of fluffy stuff in these next 2 posts! Most of these items are under $100 so they are perfect for a registry and doable if these items have to come out of your pocket. All of these items are exact items that we purchased or received at our baby showers and I am forever grateful to all the love we received in these gifts for our first baby.

1. Rocking Chair-

At first, I was going to ditch the chair since we didn’t have a ton of space in the nursery and I knew I didn’t want to be cooped up with him in the nursery all the time. But everyone has a rocker/glider so I felt like it had to make the cut. We got this exact Glider and Ottoman from Target. This was a bit of a splurge for us since we were on a tight budget but all of our other furniture for the nursery had been given to us so we went ahead and bought it! And I am so glad! I spent more time rocking him and nursing him in the glider than I had originally thought and I used it well past the baby stage. It wasn’t heavy so it was easy to move around the room as the layout shifted and he got older. It is not bulky so it is perfect for a small space.


2. Baby Bath Tub-

I didn’t want the big bulky plastic bath tub for a baby and I didn’t want to bathe my baby in the sink so I was looking for something in between. We got this Summer Deluxe Infant Baby Bather at Target for $17.99. We loved this!!! It is so easy to put in the bathtub. It was a mesh fabric which made it was super soft for the baby and it lasted him until he was old enough to sit and play in the bathtub on his own!


3. Sound Machine-

As I did research on how to help babies sleep and help them acclimate to life outside the womb, I knew a sound machine was a must! After all, I can’t sleep without a fan on, so I’m sure the baby would appreciate sounds that made him more comfortable and peaceful. Not only is this little gem great for blocking out noise from other parts of the house during the day, it had settings for a heartbeat as well! He didn’t sleep a day without this and I know it helped us stay on a schedule and keep him happy in his first few months of life! Happy baby, happy momma. 🙂


4. Car Mirror-

I am so so glad I registered for this! I had never thought about something like this until I was browsing Target looking for little items to fill my registry. And now, I buy it for every new mom! Until your baby is way older, they will always be facing backwards. Which isn’t stressful at all for a new mom who wants to make sure everything is okay with their little baby. Ha! Babies make weird noises and sometimes deal with spit up and acid reflux and the last thing I needed was to worry about what was happening behind me! I found this at Buy Buy Baby but you can also find it here on Amazon. Money well spent for sure!


5. Baby Wrap/Carrier-

I was interested in the “baby wearing” trend and after a few minutes of research and getting overwhelmed I started asking for advice from other moms. The two carries that stuck out to me where the Ergo and the Moby wrap. The Ergo seemed to have a little more structure and seemed a little too bulky for a tiny newborn. The Moby wrap caught my eye with a price point of right under $50. Aside from a few practice rounds to get the wrapping just so, I absolutely loved it. Because you wrap it yourself, it is adjustable as your baby grows and holds them nice and close(which babies love!). I mostly used it when I went in public but a lot people wear their babies around the house for a hands-free option while tending to dishes and other household tasks. I give this a 10 stars out of 10!



I will list my final 5 Must Haves next week!

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