~Maternity Photo Shoot~

While my dear friend is in town this week, she was kind enough to snap some shots of me and the baby bump. I didn’t make it a priority to get any taken with Graham and I have regretted it ever since! Many thanks to Raechel for taking time out of her week in Greenville for these photos!



23 weeks 2 days – March 3, 2015


My 2nd baby boy…or 3rd if our foster baby can be a permanent member of the family.



I never thought I would do this again but I am trying to soak up all the moments of my LAST pregnancy.


I rarely feel pretty but it’s nice to get dressed up for pictures every now and then!

-Andrea and the baby with no name 🙂


  1. Barbara says:

    BEAUTIFUL!!!! I, too, regret not having any photos of being pregnant with my babies, who are now 8 and 6!!! I think every pregnant mommy should have some photographic memories of her miraculous pregnancy, professional or just a friend with an iPhone! You are lovely, inside and out!

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