Life is

Life isn’t what you make it.

Life is.


Wonderful and Terrible. Curve balls and straight pitches.

Promising and Discouraging.

Pain and Pleasure.

Sun and Rain.


You see.

It just is.

While you are in the storm, know that brighter days will follow. They must. Don’t wish the storm away. For it is those times that make us truly grateful for the beauty that always. Comes.

Life is.

Full of friendships and Lonely.

Sweet and Sour.

Tears and Joy.

Loss and Life.


Without joy, the pain would seem unbearable with no way out. But there is. Always. An end.


To the drought.

To the suffering.

To the winter.

To the relentless heartache.


To the season of inspiration.

To the fruit.

To the sun.

To the invincible spirit in your soul.


To every season there is a purpose. To every UP there must be a down.

Find the bright spots for they are there. Always.

Let the flood of Joy quench your soul while it is there. For you will need these drops of rain when your spirit is all run out.


Better days are coming. They. Always. Come.

Life is.


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  1. Melanie says:

    Andrea, that was so beautiful and insightful! Thanks for writing and sharing your thoughts. I know you recently had huge disappointment. Sometimes the best poems and creative writing come from pain. Thanks for showing us a way to process disappointment and joys – life.

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