Another Year Gone and Another Year Here- Time Stops for No Man


I am so sad it has taken me this long to write another blog post!! It has crossed my mind so many times but the couch seemed better than typing on the keyboard. Sadly…

This year has been awesome. “Even” number years always seem to be good to me. I know it sounds crazy but pretty much every “odd” number year (2011 & 2013) were, how shall we say, awful. So when New Years rolled around last year I was so happy to see 2014 on the horizon. The first few months of the year were spent emotional recovering from the difficulties of 2013 but so many great things happened. Dave got his new job which has been a welcome change to his career. He is always being challenged and learning new things and we seem to have a lot more family time and free weekends spent dedicated to our family. It has also been helpful since my wedding business happens on the weekend and Dave is always happy to hang out with Graham while I am gone for a few hours.

I was my own boss for the first full year and it was such a blessing. I was able to finally find a balance (I think) between motherhood and my career.  That is until this new year and I will have to find a whole new groove. But I did it once so I know I can do it again! I made a few YouTube videos, started my Etsy shop (GypsyStacks) making jewelry and learned how to quilt (a very basic version). All of these have taken a back seat the last few months, but I know my limits and I only have so much energy so I dedicate that energy to making the kids’ lunch and taking a shower. 🙂

Graham now talks in complete sentences and says the funniest things. And with the funny things, he has a little sass to him. And while it is frustrating knowing how to handle it as a parent, I do know he is my child. And I have a little sass too, so I can’t really blame anyone else. Ha! I want him to be his own person and not a robot always doing everything I say, but I also want him to make his own good decisions in what he says and how he treats others. Believe it or not, even when they are this little you can be molding such a little person. He is one of the most lively, energetic little boys I have ever met. But again, I cannot complain. I prayed God wouldn’t give me a boring child. And boy did he answer!!


With this next child arriving in June, my prayer may be slightly different. A calm child would be a welcome change to the circus that is our house. 🙂


But I wouldn’t be surprised if this child had a little spunk to him/her too! He/she is already being a little high maintenance so who knows! My morning sickness lasted from about week 6-10. That was such a relief since my sickness with Graham lasted solidly until week 15. This time I was on the couch pretty much all day except for the mornings, which seemed to be my best time (oddly enough). Then at week 10 I was diagnosed with Shingles. Of course. I was so worried they would become unbearable because everyone says if gone untreated it is miserable. Thank the Lord I must have had the mildest case of Shingles in history because after about 2 weeks of some discomfort and itching the spots went away and I feel good as new, well at least for my pregnant self. And the few pounds I had gained went away and they seem to be a little harder to put back on so I am praying I will start gaining some weight soon.

I have not been able to tolerate any sugars, aside from fruit, this go around. So I asked my midwife what was going on and she told me I probably have “reactive hypoglycemia”. So basically, stay away from all sugars, eat complex carbs, proteins and some apples and oranges. So now I have to figure out what makes me feel better and what makes me feel worse. This means that I am extremely tired and just feel lousy when my sugar dips too low. Which seems to be every hour and worse in the afternoon and evening. Sigh. Only 5 and a half more months. Pregnancy doesn’t last forever. It’s a no wonder I love the newborn stage. I feel like myself again and I get to cuddle with a sweet little baby all the time.

This coming year I don’t have many goals. Just survive. Haha! But really. I’m just going to survive until June and then hope and pray for a good sleeper and good eater like Graham was and maybe by August our world will calm down.  I still plan to do weddings on the weekend after my maternity leave and work part time Tues-Thurs while Graham is in school. Past that, we hope to move to a bigger house at some point, but since my energy has taken a vacation I think we may need to wait on that until after the baby is born. And at this point I am okay with that. But if you know anyone looking for a cute 3bed/2bath brick ranch in the Taylors area, send them our way! 😉

Dave and I have weathered this year surprisingly well. This has probably been the best year in our marriage and I am so glad. Here’s to next year being even better! Our new foster baby is such a sweetie. In the week and a half he has been here, he is sleeping through the night, only crying for a few minutes before going to bed, throwing only 1 tantrum these days compared to the countless ones in the early days. I told him he showed up to the wrong house if he thought he was getting any sympathy from us that way. Ha! He has also finally started signing “please” when we ask. He is a smart cookie and very sweet and LOVES Dave. But who wouldn’t? 😉 I don’t think he will be a permanent placement but we are praying he can feel loved and learn great things while he is here.


Thank you all for reading and for always being so encouraging of me and my little family. We are wishing you all a fantastic New Year in 2015!

Also, our gender reveal is tomorrow night! We have our ultrasound tomorrow!! Eeekkk!!!

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