10 Hair and Makeup Tips for Your Wedding Day

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I write this article from the perspective of a hairstylist. A hairstylist who specializes in hair and airbrush makeup for the bride and bridal parties.

Sometimes I take for granted the fact that I have knowledge and information that other brides may not know! I have gathered these tips through trial and error and perfecting my trade.

As this wedding season of 2014 is wrapping up, I thought I would share my tips with all you brides-to-be. These are questions to ask your hair and makeup artists and things to think about before deciding on what hair and makeup are your favorites. As a hairdresser, I make it part of my job, like pinning and hairspray-ing, to always continue learning. Trends change. You master one technique and another one comes along. It’s fun to always be picking up new tricks! Doesn’t mean the old ones didn’t work, just means you won’t ever get rusty. And that is every hairstylists nightmare. You never want to be left in the dust.

Things to consider when deciding on your wedding day hairstyle:

1. Veil or no veil? – This may seem like an odd first question but it is almost always what I, as an up-do specialist, like to ask right up front. Why? Well, it gives me and understanding of the overall look and what style WILL and will NOT work depending on the veil. No veil? Great! While a veil does add the classic look, no veil means you are free to do any hairstyle you choose! Up, down, to the side, twisted up, braided 10 times, the sky is the limit. You are wearing veil? You too have a ton of options! You just need to think a step a head. Will you wear your hair all up? Is there a place in your hairstyle to place the veil? Will you want the veil on top or underneath your updo? (Either is fine) Will you take the veil off for the reception? If so, you’re hairstyle will need to look stunning with and without a veil. Who knew a veil could add so many questions?! 😉


2. Hair up or down? – A lot of times, here in South Carolina, the weather determines my recommendation. It is hot and humid, and I have yet to find a fool proof hairspray to keep those long, spiraling curls from drooping after HOURS of festivities. The long and curled look is beautiful and a lot of times it is the grooms preference. But unless you are okay with having the curls fall and have a more loose very loose, wavy  flat look, I would suggest you wear your hair up. There are still ways to have the look of longer hair with an up-do. Don’t live in a hot and humid state? Ummm jealous! 🙂 You are in luck with many more options! Maybe wearing it down for the ceremony and up for the reception would be ideal! If you are dancing all night, you may not want it all down the whole time. See if your hairstylist can stay until after the ceremony to pin your hair up! Most hairstylist are for hire into the night if asked well in advance.

hair down

3. Side hairstyle? – If it is off to the side, usually we will automatically place the up-do on the “heavy side” of your part. If your part is on the right side of your head, then your “heavy” side is on the left.  Just remember, when standing in front of your guests for your vows, the right side of you head will be facing guests. (following?) You’re part doesn’t fall to the right? No worries. For the day of, you can change your part to allow you to have the “prettiest” side of your hair facing everyone. After all, you’re paying a lot of money for stunning hair, everyone had better see it!

4. Headpieces and headbands? – I (personally) LOVE headbands and special pins in up-dos!! Not too many brides like to branch out from a little sequined headband or bobby pin but if you are having a more laid back, casual wedding, consider a bolder hairpiece. If you are going to be wearing any type of headband, big or small, wear it for a few hours prior to your wedding day. This breaks in the headband and gets your head used to wearing something if this isn’t usually part of your daily routine. You may find that the headband bothers you. Either, take it back and choose a looser or less “metal” style headband or nix the idea all together. Nothing is worse than having a headache on your wedding day because of an accessory.



5. Wedding inside or outside? – This, as mentioned in #2, is a big deciding factor. It will determine if you want your hair up or down, bangs or no bangs, loose curls around the face or every single hair pinned and hairspray-ed.  I always think that loose tendrils or side swept bangs soften the up-do, but sometimes this isn’t always practical. Anyone with bangs knows that you always have to push them out of the way or have trouble with them splitting (especially on a hot day). Try these things out at the trial run and see how your hair does. You can always play it safe on your wedding day if these are a worry. If the wedding is inside with air conditioning and very little time spent outdoors, you have many more possibilities and your hairstylist can point you in the right direction.


Things to consider when getting wedding day makeup:

1. Airbrush or regular foundation? – I, personally, invested in an airbrush machine when I started my business working with brides. Why? Well, simply? It is the best. Most woman do not like a lot of makeup. We live in a minimalist society where woman don’t have time to care about applying makeup everyday. So on their wedding day they don’t want to feel much different. They just want to look it! Airbrush provides minimal makeup with maximum coverage. I am amazed every-time at the transformation done in a few minutes with my airbrush. It is the best to fend off humidity and wilting makeup. It does not come off easily but washes away with minimal effort. Make sure the airbrush makeup used is oil free, paraben-free, and hypo-allergenic. I use the Dinair airbrush and this brand meets all my standards! Great for professional AND personal use. Don’t everyone go buy this little trick at once. 😉


2. Heavy blush or a soft look? – I will always ask the client’s preference. And then discuss pros and cons. I like a heavier blush, but not necessarily a dark one (there is a difference). You want to look a little more sassed (is that a word??) up on your wedding day so a little more makeup is not a bad thing! Everyone expects for you to look like the 2.0 version of yourself. Still not sold on the idea of a little heavier blush? At least do it for bridal portraits. The camera won’t pick up little hints of color on your face, it needs to be more bold. If it seems too much for you, it is just right for camera. Since you will be taking a ton of pictures on the wedding day, I also highly recommend stepping the color up a notch then too.  If you don’t feel good about yourself, then go for the more subtle look. Just remember, PICTURES!

3. Smokey eye or neutrals? – The smokey eye is wanted by 95% of my brides. It is the perfect way to draw attention to your favorite feature. The smokey eye can mean different things to many people, so make sure to find pictures that show your preference for this style. Something to consider before jumping to this popular look…having darker eyelids can make your eyes seem smaller. If you have a small eyelid I would not recommend a heavy smokey eye. Want to widen and brighten your eyes? Just have your makeup artist apply the darker shadow to the outside corners, not all the way in. Neutrals go perfect with anything and look great if you are choosing a softer, pinker blush. Do you want browns? Grays? Creams? Saying “neutral” doesn’t necessarily narrow down the colors. Just be sure to clarify the color palette you are going for!


4. False lashes or “au naturel”? – FALSE LASHES!!!! For every bride. I usually don’t give my brides a choice, and most don’t hesitate. Unless they have the longest, thickest lashes (in which case I hate her), EVERY bride needs falsies. Now the question is, strip or individual? Strip eyelashes have been the standard go to, but this year I decided to give the individual lashes a whirl. And I am never going back! You can barely feel them, they look natural and add just the right amount of va-va-voom! And if one falls off, you don’t have to worry about taking off a strip on the other eye! You can sigh, move on with your night, and not worry about your face will looking lopsided. You can choose a shorter length falsie to blend in or a longer length for a more dramatic affect.

5. Lip gloss, lip sticks, or lip stains? – Personally I prefer a glossy look so I would argue for a lip gloss or stain. If you want a more matte look they have some great lipsticks for this! Lip stains can be scary but it may be worth a shot to ensure your lip gloss doesn’t come off on your new husband or while hugging guests *embarrassing*. Ask your makeup artist for a recommendation on a brand for a lip stain to best suite your needs and style. Once you have decided, decide if you want a bold lip or neutral. Pink? Red? Browns? Your makeup artist can offer a suggestion based on skin tone, eye-shadow choice, and the overall style you have chosen for your bridal look.


I hope these tips help you to think a little more about your wedding day hair and makeup! Who knew there was so much to think about?? And these are things your hair and makeup artist should discuss with you! Speak up if you don’t like something, TELL US! We can’t make you happy if we, as the professional, don’t know you are unhappy. Always have a trial run! Always! It is worth it for your peace of mind and really helps us, as the professionals, get to know you before the wedding day so we can meet and EXCEED your expectations!

Best of luck!


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