My 2 week Social Media Break-Up

I had been thinking about it for a while.

My life is filled with work, more work, and other ideas of new work, my husband, my child, and my house-hold duties(last and meant to be last).

Social media, Facebook specifically, runs the world. That is no exaggeration. It consumes daily life, at least mine, and these days it isn’t very enjoyable. I used to love current events. I was THAT girl in History class who loved to debate politics etc. These days (maybe it’s a sign I am getting older) I don’t have the stomach for it, and my Facebook is like a news channel running 24 hours a day.  The world is crumbling and I have chosen to take a head-in-the-sand approach. I was so tired of seeing stupid banter on Facebook about the latest issue trending. My girly/social side loves Facebook/Instagram. It’s like my dream come true. My introvert side, YES I am in introvert really, wants to throw all electronics out the door and just sew and craft all day. This has just confirmed I AM getting older. *sigh*

So I took the plunge. It seemed much more dramatic before I did it. How could it not be? Something that was up on my phone multiple times a day was about to broken up with, not to be talked to for 2 weeks. But let me be clear, no tears were shed.


I journal-ed the first few days of my “cleanse” from all social media sites, except Pinterest. The first few days were obviously the weirdest but I had taken a road trip to visit a friend in North Carolina and I have to be honest it was a great distraction and human interaction really is way better than a computer screen.

Day 1:

Is it hard? – I did catch myself several times when there was down time looking for my social media apps to browse.

Do you miss it? – Sort of? I know they were taking way to much time and energy so I know it’s for the best.

What is the best thing about it? – I don’t have to know what everyone is doing and I don’t feel pressure to always post something.

Day 2:

Is it hard? – Today is alot easier! Again, I am visiting a friend so that helps distract me. I’m not “bored” much to just sit around and surf.

Do you miss it? – Eh? We went to the beach today and took some cute pictures of me and Graham and I immediately pulled out my phone to post to Instagram. O_0   Also, before bed I usually do one last check on my FB and Instagram so that makes my bedtime routing a little different.

What is the best thing about it? – Well, when I didn’t post the pictures anywhere on the internet, I seriously considered making sure I printed them out to put them up in the house. For some reason the pictures seemed to have more value to me because it wasn’t shared with 500 people. That was a weird thought process. But I will definitely make sure they get printed out. I miss tangible items. Not just “albums” on FB.

Day 3:

Is it hard? – I still think about checking social media when I wake up but I don’t mind not seeing it all as much.

Do you miss it?- I miss browsing for the sake of browsing. Not seeing all the junk that pops up. 

What is the best thing about it? – Knowing that life without social media is even better than it was with it 


Day 9:

Is it hard? – Not at all

Do you miss it? – Nope. Everything and I mean EVERYTHING is somehow connected to a social media outlet and because of that I will probably bring back my business accounts but I have no plans to bring back my personal one.

What is the best thing about it? – It is 5 less things I have to worry about on a given day. I can take whatever little energy I have and truly devote it to things in my life that matter, not everybody else’s problems.


Remember that Ice Bucket Challenge going around?? I seriously challenge everyone to do this for 2 weeks! It is so refreshing. And we can all skip watching 3000 videos because we won’t be on FB to see it!!! Win-win.


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