First Guest Post


What is a guest post?

For bloggers, some ways to help get followers and traffic to your website is to offer to write (free) blog posts for different bloggers.

I came across this awesome website, Extra Ordinary Mommy,Β and emailed to ask if they needed me to write a post for them!

They emailed back and agreed that they wanted me to write a post about eating healthy on a budget. So I went to work… After many proof-reads and revisions, I sent off my first guest post.

Today it went LIVE on their website!!!!!!


Okay. I am calm now.

Click on the link below and take a read!!!

—–Myth: Eating Healthy Will Blow Your Food Budget

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  1. Danielle Smith says:

    Did we really make you revise like crazy?? πŸ™‚ (Ally is a slave-driver… I’m lucky to have a tough Editorial Director πŸ™‚ ) We are so proud to feature you. Your post is fantastic. Thank you for reaching out. I’m watching the post being shared, ‘favorited’ and liked… You truly stuck a chord. Well done. Proud to have you on the site.

    • Andrea Rowley says:

      Hahaha! No Danielle, Ally was great, she never had me revise it once. But I probably revised it myself that many times πŸ˜‰ so glad it was a success!! Can’t tell you how happy I am!

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