All We Needed Was a Physical…

This afternoon I drove all the way across town because I HAD to have a donut. It’s what I like to eat when I’ve had a rough day, or week…whatever.

Don't judge me

Don’t judge me

Here I sit. Rethinking over my day, like I have for the last 3 hours.

You see, I am a mom. My 2 year old is my heart. He is sweet and naughty. Calm and crazy. He is me (in boy form) all wrapped up in tiny legs and hands. He has the most adorable little toes (but really). I couldn’t imagine my world without him.

Today, he and I had to go get physicals as part of our foster care application process. My husband and I want to be foster parents. Talk about a loonnnggg process but I can’t wait to have more kids in our house. I would probably turn our house into an orphanage if my husband gave his consent. HA!

I went to the Minute Clinic at CVS for Graham and I. The nurse practitioner informed me that she could not do my son’s physical because he was too young? I don’t know, it was weird. She said we could go to the Doctor’s Express down the road and they could see him. So down the road we go, after they inject me for my TB test (I hated my life).

I walk in to Doctor’s Express, explain that my 2 year old needs a physical, and I hand them the form I need for them to fill out so I can give it to DSS. The nurse has me sit down in the waiting room to fill out my insurance information. She comes back to the desk and asks for his immunization records.

Now, I am not going to lie. I hate this part. “Well, we don’t vaccinate him, so I do not have those records.”  Mustering a confident smile, I wait….

No sooner has the door opened and the nurse asks me, “Can you come back here for a minute?”

I pick up the clipboard, grab my purse, the 3 matchbox cars my son brought in, and march behind the door.

Here we go…

Do you have a waiver from his pediatrician?”

A what??

Um no? I’ve never heard of that.”

“It’s a waiver from his pediatrician that they have you sign when you refuse the vaccinations, for whatever reasons, to cover their butt (she whispers).”

To cover their butt??

“Well I was never asked to sign any papers so no, I do not have a waiver.”

“Well, unfortunately the doctor cannot see him if you don’t have the form. You can go to your pediatrician, or to a Doctor’s Care where there is a family doctor who can sign off on this.”

“Okay? Thank you.”

I hand over the pen and clipboard, grab my little boy’s hand and march out the door. With an empty form….

I will go over my feelings on the matter after I tell you about the next Doctor’s Care visit.

I call prior to going to the Doctor’s Care to make sure they won’t refuse to see us because, A. I don’t want to be embarrassed again, and B. Because it is a pain in the butt to get a 2 year old in and out of the car and it is getting close to nap time. I explain my child does not get vaccinations, is this a problem, and can I bring him in to be seen for a physical. Yes, I can bring him in? Great! Hurdle 1 down…

I walk in to the office, fill out paperwork and we wait.

photo 2 (6)

The chattiest nurse comes to get us, brings us back into the room and says,

“So you don’t vaccinate him right?”

Now I know I have been in a fit of rage for 30 minutes over the last doctor’s fiasco, but I am pretty confident that I did not re-tell the nurse at the desk this information. They must have put out an alert to the staff that an un-vaccinated 2 year-old male was coming in for a physical. But maybe not…be calm Andrea.

“No, I don’t.”

“Okay.” She grabs her stethoscope and continues, “So are you going to home-school him?”

You have got to be joking me!!

“Um, no I don’t plan to.”

“Doesn’t he have to be vaccinated to go to public school?”

She’s serious…

“Um, no. You can fill out a form and be exempt…”

I trail off because at this point I realize she doesn’t care and she doesn’t deserve my explanation. She takes his temperature, plays with him for a minute, and leaves.

The doctor came in a little while later, finished the exam, and didn’t hassle me about the issue. Thank God. Although, I am not afraid or too ignorant to defend myself if need be. But honest to God, I shouldn’t have to. To anyone.

Let’s review what happened to me today. I was refused service for a PHYSICAL for my 2 year old at a Doctor’s Express because I didn’t have a waiver saying that I don’t vaccinate my child.

Let me be clear to all the haters. It is not ILLEGAL to refuse to vaccinate my child. In case there was any confusion.Why do I need a waiver?? WHY?! You are telling me I am supposed to walk around with a waiver, that a doctor signed off on, that it is okay for me to not vaccinate my child. There are not enough words to express my rage, and the words I do have cannot be written in this post. When I made the decision, while I was pregnant with my child, to not vaccinate, I knew there would be people who disagreed, but I was not prepared for the shaming I would get from the medical community and general public. It really is something.

Yes, I do get nervous that my child may pick up whooping cough or chicken pox. I also am really nervous about the very real and adverse side effects the vaccines could have on my baby. And it’s a shame I should have to choose between the two. I would like a vaccine without the rat poison, formaldehyde, and toxic levels of mercury please…oh wait. That’s not an option.

Also, please don’t be ignorant. I can promise you as a mother, as most mothers do, I researched, I weighed pro’s and con’s. I read horror stories on both sides. I am informed. I would dare say I have spent more time researching the topic than most people preaching at me to vaccinate my child.  I am not talking to doctors and nurses here. You all went to school. Some of you agree with me, some of you strongly disagree. That is okay. Most people vaccinate out of fear or ignorance. I hate both of these reasons. If you vaccinate because you have looked at both sides and all the facts, and still feel like this is the best decision for your baby, THANK YOU! Please, vaccinate your kid. Please for the love of God! The herd immunity depends on it. *insert sarcasm*

But yes, I will be sending my un-vaccinated child to school around everyone else’s vaccinated child. It is my right as a parent and American to make decisions about my child’s health and it will NOT prohibit my child from going to PUBLIC school. Don’t ever ask me if my child is allowed to attend school with yours. My child is not a walking polio, hepatitis, or whooping-cough-carrying freak.  I will never ask if your black child, child with ADHD, or child with AIDS is allowed to go to school with my kid. I love all kids no matter the color, disability or medical history. It’s not my business to know your kid’s history and it’s certainly not your place to ask questions about mine or demand my choice be different. In my opinion…

And these same people who believe that babies can be aborted at any time because it’s the “woman’s right” (and don’t you dare say otherwise), then want to question my decision making on whether or not I vaccinate my child?? I guess once that child is born, all bets are off on your rights as a woman to make informed decisions for your child. This world needs a reality check.

It is nothing short of a disgrace that I was turned away because I refuse to inject my child with all sorts of awful ingredients labeled “vaccines”. I will never apologize for my decision, but I should never be discriminated against because I do so. But go ahead, I can take it. People are passionate on both sides of the issue but honestly I’m sick of the banter…I realize this sounds very hypocritical since I am writing this post.

But let me very clear about my point here.  I believe this is a private matter decided on with your family. The only debate that should be happening around the vaccination issue is the risks and ingredients involved with these vaccinations, the concern that the dosage level given to a newborn is the same as a 10 year old, and the lies by the CDC surrounding these issues (lies proven just a few days ago by a whistle-blower at the CDC).

THAT is the debate here my friends, NOT the details of my child’s well-check visit.

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