YOLO-As my husband would say…

For those of you on my Facebook page, remember this post last week??
photo 2

Well after chickening out and freaking out a few…okay MANY… times, my girlfriend finally talked me into just doing it! I can never tell if people like to live through me so they tell me to do things that are a  terrible idea OR if they legitimately think it is a good decision? Either way, off to the hair store I went to buy Semi-permanent Magenta. All or nothing my friends, all or nothing…

What if it doesn’t come out easily?? 

What if it too vibrant??

I don’t want to look like a highlighter!!

I am a mom. But I don’t want to LOOK like a mom. But I also don’t want to be THAT mom you see in Target where people question their decision making and parenting skills…

When I asked my husband his thoughts on the decision, he said, “You know what you say, you only live once!”

I am sure he also rests in the fact that nothing I ever do to my hair is permanent. SHEW!

So here it is!!!!

photo 1 (4)photo (7)photo 5photo (6)

Does my face look a little unsure/excited/freaking out/what-the-heck-is-going-on/I CAN’T EVEN!!!!!

Yay for new MAGENTA hair!!!

*Shout out to my home-gurrrll Hannah for giving me super fun hair 😉

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