Why Have I Started Blogging?

I guess I should take a minute to explain why I have been CONSISTENTLY blogging and making YouTube videos recently.

Blogging is essential for using the Pinterest world. The amount of work that goes into one “Pin” is honestly mind-blowing. I won’t even bore you with the details.

I am looking to build my brand and help girls out there find deals, pick the perfect eye shadow palette, and be the girl YOU come hunting down when you need hair advice! That is my job and I LOVE it! Social media and Pinterest is THE way to do this right now.

I apologize if you are sick of me filling your news feed. I try not to overwhelm or have useless crap on my blog. I do not post just to have something else to post. PROMISE!

I also like to give a lengthier update on my life on here rather than posting a 3 page status update on Facebook (after all that is the whole point of a blog). My blog gives YOU the option to read about my life if you choose. 😉

So if you are reading this let me say, I will not be posting every YouTube video I make and blog post I write to my Facebook page. Some? YES! But the best way for you (if you like what I write and look forward to what I have to discuss) to keep updated with me is for you to subscribe to my blog, follow my Instagram (I post way more pictures on there than on Facebook) and subscribe to my YouTube channel. You can find all of these on the right side of my blog, or if you are on the mobile version, scroll all the way down past this post.

Click any of the icons you would like to Follow Me on OR enter your email address below!

Click any of the icons you would like to Follow Me on OR enter your email address below!


For a few months I have realized that a lot of people, woman in general, enjoy searching and watching YouTube on every topic. For woman it is mostly beauty topics. So I started watching a few popular beauty YouTuber’s (is that a word??) videos and realized, “I can do that too!”.  And maybe(?) I am slightly more “qualified” than the 18 year-old talking about everything “hair and beauty”. I am a hairstylist after all.

I also realized that as a hairdresser I do not cover every “Tip and Trick” during your hair appointment! Maybe I should? But I also feel that when you go home after getting your hair done, and you go to try that “twist-and-pin” trick that your stylist made look so easy, that you were wishing she could be standing there walking you through it!

That’s what YouTube videos are for! So I sucked up my giant fear of watching and listening to myself talk so I could be in your house everyday helping you on your quest for the perfect hair day EVERYDAY! You’re welcome…hehe

*Side note: making your own YouTube videos is 10x worse than hearing yourself on an answering machine at home- cringe!

I do NOT want to be that person you roll your eyes at every-time you see another post you could care less about. Nobody wants that. 😉

If you all have questions about hair or have been curious about a certain product but don’t want to throw out the cash to try it right now, let me know! I will try it and give you a product review! Comment here or on my Facebook and tell me what you want!

Tomorrow I will be posting a YouTube video on some cute easy ways to style your hair for any weddings you may be attending this summer or if you are just needing a way to spice up that “every-day” hair. Also, I will be posting a video of my Target Haul from today. Never heard of a “haul”? I will explain it all in my next video! 🙂

As always, thanks for reading!

-xoxo, Andrea

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