Tinted moisturizers

Makeup Monday!!!

I asked you what were your favorite products in your little bag of goodies. The item that no matter the budget you are on you will buy THIS every time.

I decided to kick off #makeupmonday with tinted moisturizers for a few reasons. One, I’m hoping  and praying that Spring will really be coming soon and this means more sun, ppllleeaassseeee?! Find a tinted moisturizer with an SPF 15 or higher. This will make sure your delicate facial skin is always protected from harmful rays looking to give you more wrinkles and maybe the ever increasing ‘C’ word.{no good!} Tinted moisturizers are also great in the winter time. We can all agree we LOOK and FEEL better when we have a little color. So no matter the season, bottom line, this is a winning product!!

Abby Stewart said that this was her best-loved cosmetic. I knew why it was one of mine but wanted hear why SHE loved it so much!? Here’s what this minimalist make-up wearer had to say!
*’As I have gotten older, I find I need to even out my skin tone on my face. It is easy to put on and feels like lotion AND spreads like lotion too {not too cakey or powdery}. ‘
-Her favorite brand is the  Mary Kay CC Cream.

I personally have not used the Mary Kay tinted moisturizer but I have one of my own. I am ashamed to say I JUST started wearing this the end of last summer. I don’t know why it took me so long!
* I do not like to wear foundations or heavy creams on my face because in the past I have had sensitive oily skin so I didn’t want to add to the ticking time bomb that was my face. I switched to using just powder on my face years ago and felt much better. When I decided to pick up a tinted moisturizer I honestly did it for the simple fact that I wanted a nice ‘tan’ glow on my face without going to the tanning bed. {yes, I finally gave that up last year}
– I picked up Cover girl Smooth BB cream while in Target mainly because the one I really wanted to try was out of stock.

PERKS of using a T.M.-

  • I get a better coverage when I wear this under my powder
  • It does not turn a funky color on my skin and seems to adjust to whatever shade my face is at the time
  • It has SPF 15
  • It is not heavy and does not make my face oily especially under powder
  • Despite it’s under $10 price point, it is surprisingly a great purchase
As always, thanks for reading and I hope Abby’s and I’s take on this little ‘glow in a bottle’ was a bright spot in your day!


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