Love the skin you’re in!

From the time I hit 4th grade I had terrible skin. You know, everyone gets terrible skin in their middle school and high school years. I was always hearing:
-‘It goes away when you turn 18’! (To which I wanted to say, Thank God and until then can I just get I a time machine to skip all these painful years?)
-‘Oh try this medicine, cream, facial wash, mask etc….and I did!

Some helped More than others. Like a lot of teens, my face was super oily. So the solution is to get the oil off right? I used some special ‘Acne Face Wash for Oily Skin’ followed by ‘Tea Tree Oil Facial Pads’ to strip my skin of all oils to reduce the potential for another break out. Nothing really worked. If anything, my face just hated me more.

I turned 18 then 19 then 20 then 21. At this point my little breakouts turned into adult acne and I was still baffled about why MY skin had to be this bad?! Was it hormones? My makeup? Was I not washing enough? Was I washing it too much? The possibilities for what sets off a breakout are endless. Trust me.

When I was 21, I had some health issues that caused me to reevaluate my diet. I went gluten free. Not just because it was fad(which I also don’t understand. Gluten free is not fun, nor do I think it’s fad. It’s an epidemic of people’s stomachs and immune systems that have had enough). That’s another post for another time. I cut out gluten and started only drinking water. Both of these were really hard. There is  something really hard about going from ordering a meal at chick-fil-a with a large sweet tea to just the chicken salad sandwich(minus the bread), fries and a…..water?

Sweet tea was my weakness. Maybe yours is soda. Anything that isn’t water is not giving your body the nourishment it needs. It’s like pumping a car that runs on gasoline with coffee instead. It doesn’t do the job. But like any habit, if you stick with it for 2 weeks you can break it and not think nearly as hard about it being so hard!

My adult acne cleared up almost immediately. To this day, if I drink sweat tea my face breaks out.

I also simplified my facial routine. I use Cetaphil as my cleanser. Just plain old Cetaphil. Shocking.

Followed by Vitamin E oil as my moisturizer. 12,000 iu. Found in your local vitamin aisle. Shocking. Every time I tell someone that I use that as my moisturizer twice a day they say, Really?? Here’s the thing, when your skin is super oily it is because it is actually lacking the true oil it needs. So it produces more to try to keep your skin hydrated. Most other moisturizers have petroleum as their base, yes, like the oil. Unless the oil used in moisturizers in completely natural the lotion will sit on your skin doing nothing but making you feel like you are doing right by moisturizing. The vitamin E oil also helped to heal my scars and redness lingering on my skin from my years of acne. God gave us these little gifts and I’m so happy to have tried it and seen long lasting results. And I never have dryness or peeling skin on my face in the winter time. All of those issues are just gone.

Everyone is different. Not everyone will have great skin by following this regimen. I am not entirely gluten free as of late and my skin is still clear. I do stay away from sweet tea because that does trigger a breakout. I have used the Cetaphil and vitamin E oil for 4 years now and it has been awesome. No more irritating washes and creams on my skin.

Sometimes less is more. And a lot of times your skin is reacting just as much to what you put ON it as to what you put IN your body.

I have also stumbled upon an awesome non-irritating exfoliant! I will post this little gem tomorrow!

Yours truly

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