Exfoliator to the rescue

So if you follow me on Instagram you know I have become obsessed a little company called Birchbox. Remember this, write it down, do anything but DO NOT forget this name. My friend told me about this and I decided to give it a try.  You go to Birchbox.com and sign up for their monthly boxes. This is for anyone! It is $10 a month and you get several different samples of products ranging from mud masks to hair texturizing sprays. You can cancel your membership at any time which means its no commitment so if you ever need to cancel it’s no problem. Hooked yet?

Okay, so, I have been receiving this little brown box for about 4 months now I think. In one of these boxes I received a sample exfoliant in this tiny packet.

I was interested to read the directions which said, ADD to your cleanser you already use! These “buffing beads” are like sand mixed with little chia seeds.(it’s not literally sand and chia seeds just to be clear) Super cool!
The above picture is the normal amount of Cetaphil cleanser I use to wash my face and about the same size amount of this powder goodness. Can you tell how much I love this!? Then mix the two together and rub in circular motions onto your already damp skin. 
My skin can be really sensitive and tends to hurt after I use most exfoliators. Not with this one! My face feels fresh and smooth. I’m also hoping that by some miracle it will make my pores smaller too. You know, by removing all the dead skin and makeup that it will allow my pores to be the “normal” size. I’ll keep dreaming and keep you posted. 😉
My little packet lasted for about 3 treatments and when I ran out I decided it was time to splurge and see just how much this addition was going to set me back. Sooo, I went to birchbox.com and bingo! 20 packets for $22! I can get three uses out of each packet and I usually only exfoliate twice a week, maybe three depending. So this gives me a minimum of 5 months to use this before running out!!(I am married to an accountant so I apologize if you did not follow nor care about the last two sentences.) 
Ladies, it was a no brainer. My first purchase from Birchbox{besides the little box itself} came yesterday! So now I have to refrain from exfoliating twice a day…that’s how much I love it!
*Intended for all skin types
*Allergy and dermatologist tested
*Pomegranates antiseptic and benefit removes toxins and clears skins micro energy channels
*Pomegranate peels help brighten and even out skin tone 
Yours truly

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